JOY is an opportunity for our children age 7 to 12 to learn about the Orthodox Faith in a fun and caring environment.  We meet every first and third Saturday of the month at 2 pm, except in the summer.  A typical JOY meeting has a brief breakout lesson, snacks, crafts, and playtime.  

Please bring your child to JOY so they can be part of the family and learn about our faith with us.

JOY Advisor: Ginny Argiros

The Church services have returned.

Please click this link to RSVP or the calendar on the slider to RSVP to the services you wish to attend or call Fr D at (609) 309-1707.

We are exercising Universal Precautions.  Please always wear a mask, wash or sanitize hands, maintain social distancing, and follow all CDC/Local health guidelines.

Online viewing of services is available, you can find us on Youtube or/and on Facebook